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Urban Lunch-time: Seed-projects: Developing new ideas


As a part of Chalmers engagement in Urban Futures, a number of so-called seed-projects have been initiated, financed by Chalmers in-kind contribution. A seed-project can be a pre-study, a pilot study, or an in-depth literature study or similar to test and develop new ideas together with the public partner in Urban Futures. The presentations will give a snapshot of the results of the first 4 seed-projects that have been carried out during 2020.

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The ambition is that the seed-projects will form the basis for developing knowledge and collaborations with long-term value for the partners involved and foster a broad engagement among researchers at Chalmers and collaboration with the partners in Urban Futures.



Liane Thuvander, Responsible coordinator for Urban Futures at Chalmers, Division for Architectural Theory & Method, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering (ACE)

Inhabiting Other Futures: Environmental Humanities meets Architecture and Urban Planning

The project studies the potential of a closer dialogue between the field of environmental humanities, architecture and urban planning; between critical environmental perspectives and experimental design practices. It explores the theorizations and the possible pathways towards different sustainable futures that can emerge from such dialogue.

Isabelle Doucet, Division for Architectural Theory & Method, ACE

Well-Neighbourhood - Quantifying urban mental health to foster neighbourhood design

This project contributes to an in-depth interdisciplinary understanding of the definitions and metrics used to quantify mental health in urban design and planning. An evaluation framework of mental health at the neighbourhood scale is proposed to set the ground for future developments of digital tools.

Alexander Hollberg, Division for Building Technology, ACE

Pedestrian movement indicators integrated in Digital Twin Cities Platform, using the Place Syntax Tool

This project aims to bridge ongoing research conducted at Chalmers under the newly established Digital Twin Cities Centre and Spatial Morphology Research Group at ACE by the integration of existing workflows and tools for pedestrian movements, into the Digital Twin Cities Platform.

Vasilis Naserentin, Division of Applied Mathematics & Statistics Department of Mathematical Sciences, ACE

Meta Berghauser Pont, Division of Urban Design and Planning, ACE

C-Hive - Prototype development of component-based lightweight rooftop construction systems

The project aims at designing, constructing and operating a solar-powered rooftop living unit and realize the world¿s first full-scale and fully functional 3D printed house in cellulose. The housing unit will be presented at the Solar Decathlon Competition Europe in Wuppertal, Germany in September 2021.

Jonas Lundberg, Division for Architectural Theory & Method, ACE

Datum: 2021-01-27

Tid: 11:30 - 12:20

Kategorier: Hållbar utveckling

Arrangör: Urban Futures

Plats: Zoom meeting

Kontaktperson: Ulrica Gustafsson

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