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Course objectives

Knowledge and understanding

To pass the course, the participants should have a far reaching understanding of how the concept of sustainable development has been used and is used, by all types of actors and on both local and global scales, including:

  • the practical sustainable development work and activities that is carried out all over the world, both by international players and in a local context
  • the usage of indicators for evaluating sustainable development and knowledge about how to find relevant statistical data
  • the solution opportunities for sustainable development that are already in the implementation phase or in the concept stage
  • the variety of aspects that could be addressed by the concept of global equity
  • how the present economic system based on continuous growth is criticised today, including also modern concepts like circular economy and a sharing economy
  • the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and the process of implementation

Skills and abilities

After completed course, the participants should have the ability to:

  • analyze barriers and drivers for different solution opportunities for sustainable development, including the issue of choosing appropriate policy instruments
  • analyze and discuss trans-, inter-, multidisciplinary approaches in the context of sustainable development
  • use the concept of social dilemmas in the context of sustainable development
  • analyze and discuss the present and future relevance of concepts like rich and poor countries, developed and developing countries
  • analyze and discuss the potential of and the possibilities for citizen involvement and the role of a lifelong learning, in a Sustainability context

Judgement and approach

After completion of the course the student should be able to critically evaluate:

  • the idea of sustainability as an emerging science
  • the usage of the trans-, inter-, multidisciplinary concepts in the context of sustainable development
  • the usage of the concept of wicked sustainability problems

 The students should also be able to have an opinion on:

  • the role for Sweden, as a nation, in the implementation of the new SDGs
  • the role for different type of actors, like business sector, NGOs, national and European policy makers, local policy makers, in the implementation of the new SDGs
  • how the sustainable development perspective relates to his/her own PhD-work
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