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The University of Gothenburg's Sustainability Thesis Award, GUSTA

Are you writing your thesis on a topic related to sustainable development?
The University of Gothenburg has launched a project that recognizes and offers awards to outstanding theses written on sustainable development related topics within the University of Gothenburg. The award is meant to motivate students to critically engage with sustainability issues and search for more knowledge towards a sustainable world. The project addresses all bachelors, magister and masters students in all programmes across the university.

The awardees are selected by a scientific committee that is comprised of five professors from five different faculties at the University of Gothenburg. Among others, some of the evaluation criteria include: holistic integration of different dimensions of sustainable development, originality, critical thinking, and contribution to the current knowledge in sustainable development.

The award is administrated by the Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development.

Who Can Apply?
All bachelors, magister and masters students at the University of Gothenburg who are writing thesis in fall 2018 and spring 2019 respectively.

Required documents
Student's form: Thesis summary. Use this form for submitting a short summary of your thesis (pdf)Supervisor's form: Supervisor’s assessment. Ensure that your supervisors has filled in this formand enclose the form in the application.
Soft copy/PDF of the thesis.

The required documents must be submitted to this email gusta.gmv@gu.se before the 30th August 2019. Applicant students are responsible for submitting a complete application before the deadline.

Kassahun Weldemariam, Student sustainability coordinator, Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development (GMV). kassahun.weldemariam@gu.se

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